Armenian Highland is a cradle of the Armenian people inhabiting this territory for thousands of years. Here the Armenian-speaking ethnic groups formed a nation, established their kingdoms, ancient civilizations and created a bright and unique culture. The history of the capital of Armenia, Yerevan dates back to the Erebuni fortress, making it at least 2800 years old.

Yerevan is a city of hospitable people, pink buildings and centuries-old constructions, where ancient culture is combined with advanced modern life, therefore history and archeology buffs will enjoy their time here.

As the host, Yerevan offers many activities and attractions to keep its guests busy throughout the day. Yerevan is rich with various parks, museums, historical sites, together with numerous ancient or modern churches, temples, and mosque. Armenian capital does not sleep that early. Nightlife in Yerevan is an inseparable part of its young residents’ lives. The city is full of clubs, bars, pubs, and crazy parties.